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Employment Law

Employment Law Attorney in Southern California

Employment and labor laws and compliance requirements are continually evolving in California, creating a multitude of challenges for employers. While employment in this state is at-will, federal and state employment laws governing large and small businesses create exceptions to the at-will employment doctrine.

To further complicate matters, the number of employees you have determines which employment laws will impact your business. Any business with one or more employees in this state has a long list of state and federal laws employment and labor laws with which it must comply.

Our partners at Hogan Zappaterreno, LLP can help you devise current employment law policies and strategies and draft contracts and employee manuals that help you avoid legal issues in the future. We can also provide employment consulting and investigation services. If an employment dispute or lawsuit arises, we can help you resolve it and defend you in court if necessary. Our full-service employment law attorneys are committed to building long-term relationships with our business clients, and providing ongoing services for any issue that could arise over the course of doing business.

Employment and Labor Laws Affecting California Businesses

The more employees you have, the more county, state, and federal laws will affect your business. If your business has one or more employees, it will be affected by:

  • Wage and hour laws, including overtime and minimum wage
  • FEHA prohibiting discrimination and harassment
  • State labor code prohibiting retaliation
  • Workers compensation
  • Unemployment compensation
  • Federal immigration laws
  • Child labor laws
  • OSHA regulations, state and federal
  • State disability insurance and paid family leave
  • Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act
  • State Consumer Credit Reporting Agencies Act

The number of laws directly affecting the employment relationship for your business increases incrementally if you have two or more, five or more, fifteen or more, twenty or more, twenty-five or more, fifty or more, seventy-five or more, or one hundred or more employees.

Types of Employment Disputes and Litigation We Handle

Partner Cassandra Zappaterreno has been representing California businesses in employment law matters for more than a decade. Her successful track record handling employment disputes and litigation for employers includes claims involving:

  • Discrimination
  • Harassment
  • Retaliation
  • Wrongful Termination
  • Wage and Hour

Full-Service Employment Law Firm

Whether you are building protections into the framework of your business with proper policies, employee manuals, and contracts; investigating claims of discrimination or harassment; or fighting an employee lawsuit in court, Hogan Zappaterreno, LLP can provide the high-quality employment law representation you need.

Our partners have the skills and knowledge to handle your employment law matters. As a small boutique firm of experienced lawyers, we can provide big firm service and provide your business with the personal attention it deserves. Contact us to talk about how your business employment issues and how our partners can help.

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